Bajaj Auto launches world's first CNG bike

Wednesday 10th July 2024 06:59 EDT

Bajaj Auto has introduced the Freedom 125, marking the debut of the world’s first motorcycle to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). This 125 cc commuter bike operates on both petrol and CNG, aiming to significantly lower operational costs for riders in its category. Priced between ₹95,000 and ₹110,000 (ex-showroom), bookings for the Freedom 125 have commenced. The initial rollout will be in Gujarat and Maharashtra, with plans to export to markets including Egypt, Tanzania, Peru, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

The Freedom 125 is designed for cost-conscious consumers, boasting a 50 per cent reduction in fuel expenses compared to its peers. Equipped with a small petrol tank and a CNG cylinder, the motorcycle allows riders to switch between fuel types using a handlebar-mounted switch. The CNG cylinder, positioned under the petrol tank, integrates seamlessly with the bike’s design, distinguishing itself subtly from other models. The motorcycle features separate filler nozzles for CNG and petrol, catering to their distinct storage requirements. The petrol tank holds 2 liters, while the CNG tank has a capacity of 2 kg.
Bajaj asserts that the Freedom 125 can cover up to 213 km on CNG alone, with an additional 117 km provided by the petrol tank, totaling a range of 330 km. The fuel efficiency is rated at 102 km/kg for CNG and 64 km/l for petrol.

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