Aveda takes inspiration from Hindu 'Haldi' tradition to make new products

Kokila Patel Wednesday 15th March 2017 06:27 EDT

USA-based company Aveda recently launched its newest products Tulasāra™ Wedding Masque Overnight and Wedding Masque Eye Overnight to help brides retain that glowing skin on their wedding day. While the products won't seem groundbreaking, what is worth noticing is the company's influence. Hindus have for decades, practised the "Haldi" ceremony, where in turmeric paste is put on brides by her relatives. The paste, which is bright yellow in colour, is used to keep evil spirits and omens away, and is washed off after setting for three or four hours. It is usually a mix of turmeric, chickpea powder and rose water.

Divyesh Patel, Director of Skincare Research and Development, at Aveda, said, "Haldi refers to the paste that is used in the Haldi ceremony, which is part of a traditional Indian wedding." He adds, "Turmeric is a known skin brightener, so the Haldi also helps the bride and groom look for their best on their wedding day." While the products do not necessarily have to be used on the eve of one's wedding, they do share ingredients with the popular Hindu ritual and promise brighter, more luminous skin. Formulas of the masques contain Curcumonoids, a kind of turmeric extract that won't stain your skin. It also contains apricot seed oil, an ayurvedic ingredient that repairs the lipid barrier of the skin.

Divyesh recommends applying a thick coat of the masques and allowing the formula to sink in overnight. He elaborates that "applying a product that helps brighten overnight is an effective way to wake up radiant, as your skin shifts into repair mode while you sleep."

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