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Alpesh Patel Thursday 25th April 2019 02:46 EDT

Dear Financial Voice Reader,

I’m proud. Really proud. I’ve spoken much in this column about crowdfunding for small entrepreneurial innovative companies using platforms such as Seedrs and Crowdcube.

Well, one of the companies I have helped set up in the UK from India has done just that! I’m pleased they’ve made the effort and are now ‘overfunded’ ie have received pledges of investment greater than they sought. It’s a great new way for businesses to access capital which previously they simply could not.

Personally, this is important to me, because it is so important to the NHS. You can read more about Hippo’s investment proposal and be a shareholder here:

Hippo plans to be the UK's best-dedicated transport service for disabled and non-emergency medical patients. With an NHS contract secured & private care homes as clients, they aim to allow faster hospital bed rotation, reduced A&E waiting times and free ambulances to attend more emergencies.

Up to 60% transportation cost saving for NHS
Over 13 million disabled people and 13 million over-65’s in the UK
Specially adapted vehicles with trained drivers
Monitoring of patient's basic health data during transportation

The UK has an estimated 13 million disabled people without access to a dedicated transportation service. The ambulance service is struggling with transport waiting times which are now peaking at an all-time high, leading to difficulties in meeting patient demands.

Hippo utilises modern technology to provide a wheelchair-accessible transport service for disabled and non-emergency patients. “Our vehicles are fitted with medical supplies and all drivers are trained on First Aid and CPR.

We currently operate in South East Essex, having membership with South Essex Care & Health Association, and have an NHS contract in place.

Investment will enable us to expand our services to London and the North East. It will also help us to serve the existing NHS contract and generate more business from the NHS and private healthcare and insurance sectors. In future, we aim to build a specialised booking and management solution that will integrate our video camera system, so that patients can be monitored centrally throughout their journey by the NHS and family members.

We are up to 60% less expensive than the ambulance service, which is why we believe the company is attractive to the NHS and is being used by private care homes. Coupled with our aim to provide quick service response times, we believe the company is well-positioned to approach and win more contracts.”

If we can get this to expand and make the significant cost savings to the NHS and help those most in need, using a company which set up from India, by a family man and entrepreneur – then just think of the revolutions that could follow.

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