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Tuesday 05th May 2020 16:07 EDT

Everyone is doing webinars. So I did a free one last week – and will do another to answer everyone’s questions. You can register for it free here:

These were the top questions on everyone’s mind from the last webinar on investing:

How should I invest for my pension? What stocks? How do I find them and know if they are worth buying? When do I sell? Do I wait for a dip? I have some stocks but I don’t know if I should buy, sell, hold them? Where can I put £1k, £10k, £100k, £1m? For 12 months? For my grandchildren.

That’s a selection.

My concern is how little people know – its not their fault. It’s my job to be a geek and run a fund, write books on investing, be on TV talking about it, live it, breathe it.

So I tried to work out – how in the lock-down period of Covid can you inform people and make it structured, capivating, informative and energizing? The webinar format with my slides works when you have an agenda around people’s concerns. This is my agenda – people love structure and logic:


1. Stock data for US, UK, European, Chinese picks; stocks I love and Goldman Sachs, UBS, Rothschilds are telling their wealthiest clients about now

2. 6 Strategies from low to higher risk

3. Which information is useful (only 5 pieces of data is the most important, the rest makes too little difference and p/e isn't one of them - DCF is).

4. How to quickly make a portfolio without being a slave

5. How to evaluate any stock in 5 minutes

6. How we turn 10k to 1m (over time, not overnight)

7. How to save sensibly, responsibly for a pension - what's in mine

8. When to add higher risk 500% over 2-3 year stocks

9. How to double leverage on a long term quality stock you love using trackers so your money goes further (never spreadbets or CFDs)

10. What the big banks are telling their clients to buy now and where they are making the market head to

You learn a lot in lockdown and one is what funnily mindfully connecting to people. We are physically not socially distant.

I created a free broadcast channel (like WhatsApp Group) – but on Telegram – so feel free to get my views on all of the above there:

By Alpesh B Patel

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