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Thursday 16th January 2020 00:50 EST

I love technology. Ever since I wrote Trading Online which became an international bestseller for the Financial Times and me, I’ve mixed trading and investing and technology. So you don’t have to wait between columns, I am going to make available to my Asian Voice readers my private mobile app for communicating my market thoughts. It’s free via this app on Telegram:

And if you were on that you would see my trades and videos of them but also this:

The FTSE 100 P/E is around 18 – not expensive – still.

Now my annual picks which I give each January for 2020 based on my algorithms which have beaten every UK fund manager since 2004. To see historic performance have a look at

You exit at the failsafe 25% drop – eg in 2008 we had a few of those!

You never ever expect everything to always rise all the time under all market conditions. If you are looking for a crystal ball, it’s the circus you need.

12 month hold based on our algorithm which examines company valuations, growth and dividend yields.

Picks for 2020:




Brooks Macdonald

Cairn Homes

Care Tech Holdings

International Consolidated Airlines



DS Smith


Smiths Group


Ten Entertainment

British American Tobacco


Last year results and picks from 10 Jan 2019 (date of newsletter) to 31st Jan 2019

Gordon Dadds (now Ince Group) -25%

Polymetal +39.1%

Britvic +6.9%

Cineworld -23.1%

Dunelm +69.5%

El Group +43.6%

Marshalls +74.6%

Telecom plus -0.3%

Cosan (US) +130%

Pointer Telocation (US) + 17.9%*

Walgreens Boots (US) -18.7%

D4t4 Solutions +7.4%

James Halstead +23.4%

* take over at $8.50 per share cash + 1.27 Powerfleet shares

On average I produce (unleveraged) 17.1% per annum and the market is around 5% pa on average.

Hey Alpesh, why don’t you have a fund managing billions? I do have a regulated asset management company and fund, but the person who got my billions was the one I beat in the Financial Times competition back in 2003 – Neil Woodford. The City gave him money, not me, even though over a 12 month period he and I head to head went against each other and I trounced him and I won and he came 14th. The City which reads the Financial Times went for him.

I don’t like saying ‘racism’. But race and lack of diversity is in the news a lot. Maybe it was. Maybe I didn’t look right. Don’t forget by this time I was both a Barrister and Visiting Fellow in Business at Oxford University.


Alpesh Patel

The author is founder of ,

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