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Wednesday 13th November 2019 05:22 EST

I write to you from Singapore and the world’s largest financial technology conference. And I am in heaven. This is my thing.

I have a lot of friends over the years who have gone on to become millionaires, and in some cases billionaires. I have seen then go from banged out cars to private jets. Friends like Hilton Nathanson and Peter Cruddas. I’ve helped ordinary entrepreneurs along their way too. I have seen friends go from pre-business idea to billion dollar valuations such as Rishi Khosla. Other friends I didn’t invest in and their companies are now worth millions such as Rajesh Aggarwal.

Of course, I am a professional investor. Making money for others and myself is my job. Building my own company as I now openly state in my talks around the world into a ‘Unicorn’ ie a billion dollar valuation fintech (financial technology) company is my goal. That business, helping traders make money from knowing when to buy and sell and spun out from my hedge fund, will become a Unicorn – because the daily market it operates in turns over half a trillion dollars.

Indeed, helped so many companies have I over the years, I looked for a bigger purpose and easier way to assist them reach their riches. I did this in two ways. First, through I have listed every conceivable source of funding for entrepreneurs in the UK – from grants, to loans, to venture capital – sorted by size, sector and contact details. And I’ve even included resources on getting introductions and writing the perfect business plan and pitch.

Second, I found a female founded SME startup to take from zero to £1m in turnover in 12 months through my mentoring. Why female founder? Well, I wrote a book for women entrepreneurs after co-founded the Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE) UK Chapter of the largest Global entrepreneur mentoring network. So that explains the women and mentoring part. Why SME? Why start-up? That’s the area I work in in both my TIE role and Government role.

Okay, so who did I settle on to help and document the journey? To show how and if it can be done? I chose a female founder where I was comfortable I would have a high degree of success (I’m not stupid). But how can you be sure of success with a start-up? I chose a franchisee starting up of a global brand.

What’s in it for me? Well, I chose my sister’s new business. I’ll share my know-how and diary my achievements and failures throughout the year as I did with my trading diary in the Financial Times too.

If you want to help in this journey – this is her business:

For any printing at all, please consider their business – they have the high quality backing of a global brand, with the low price of a local UK small business. ; 01484 430 550; [email protected]

Let the journey to entrepreneurial success begin for a new generation of female founders!

Oh, her name…Archana!

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