Dear Financial Voice Reader,

Alpesh Patel Thursday 12th January 2023 00:38 EST

Dear Financial Voice Reader,


And this too shall pass - that's the lesson from the stock market we can learn. Through conflicts, wars, crisis, pandemics, shocks. And you think your life has bumps.

So if you're looking for a New Year Investing Resolutions here are some good ones Jim Simmons (hedge fund manager) and Warren Buffett have in common:

1. Invest in what you know: Both Buffett and Simmons recommend investing in companies and industries that you understand. This can help you make informed decisions about the potential risks and rewards of an investment.

2. Don't chase after short-term gains: Both investors advocate a long-term approach to investing, and advise against trying to time the market or chase after short-term gains.

3. Diversify your portfolio: Both Buffett and Simmons recommend diversifying your portfolio to spread risk and increase the chances of earning consistent returns over the long term. Consider mid and large caps and look at correlations to the market.

4. Keep your costs low: Both investors recommend minimizing costs, such as trading fees and fund expenses, to maximize returns.

5. Be patient: Both Buffett and Simmons advise investors to be patient and avoid making hasty decisions based on short-term market fluctuations.

6. Avoid leverage: Both investors caution against using leverage, or borrowing money to invest, as it can increase risk and amplify losses. Max I use for limited periods is 2x leverage on low volatility equities.

7. Don't get caught up in market hype: Both investors advise ignoring market hype and focusing on the underlying fundamentals of a company instead.

8. Stay disciplined: Both investors recommend sticking to a disciplined investment strategy and avoiding emotional decisions.

9. Keep learning: Both Buffett and Simmons emphasize the importance of continuously learning and staying up to date on market developments.

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What will happen in the markets this year? Interest rates in the UK and US will peak. Some mortgage providers are already reducing their fixed rate mortgage rates. Inflation will peak and next year be around 3.5%. Energy bills will glide lower and the price has oil has already come down. The US markets will possibly be up 20%. I am monitoring my key belweather stocks weekly and deciding the time to jump in.

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What about sectors? Energy and financials look the most undervalued in the US. But most energy companies will not get the profits they did last year – so it’s a false undervaluation from analysts overforecasting profits.  But technology may make a come back as investors look to make returns from those which have fallen the furthest. Then there are what I call special situations like Disney. It’s at 2016 levels and in the past when it has done this it has risen 100% in 12 months. No guarantees, but again it is part of my weekly stock update monitoring you can see on my Youtube an Telegram.


My hurdle rate is a 40% return pa for my SIPP and ISA. If I get 20% then I am still happy. This looks a good year, especially in the second half.

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