African start-up finds financial back-up from UK firm

Wednesday 13th September 2017 06:16 EDT

British firm East Africa Investments (EAI) has approached Nairobi, Kigali-based start-up Digiskool with $50,000 as investment. Mentored by Anu Shah's incubator EFI Hub, Digiskool is a complete school management and information system that has all essentials needed for running a school. The software is designed to suit all education institutions below the tertiary level and provides Comprehensive and Enriched school management functions in real-time.

EFI Hub's endorsement and support in areas like execution of business strategy and product development has helped Digiskool find gradual recognition. The budding company is currently preparing to install its system in 100 schools across Rwanda, East Africa. CEO David Irakoze said, “I believe EFI Hub is one of the solution for the African/Rwanda entrepreneurs who are committed to the sustainable development of entrepreneurs by stimulating the growth and knowledge for them to scale and understand their businesses and enlarge their chain of knowledge. It has come as a solution for African entrepreneurs to help them grow and increase their networks.”

He added, “As entrepreneurs from Africa, we all share the same challenges, for example, you are making small progress, but at the same time you feel there is much more to gain. Unfortunately, you either don't have the resources to hire a consultant or, in case you do, there is simply no local consultant around with specific knowledge that you are looking for.”

EAI finds EFI Hub's involvement in the start-up, creditable to render financial backing and help David and his team expand throughout Africa.

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