Kolkata boy joins 'Curious Voyager' on London streets

Rupanjana Dutta Wednesday 24th October 2018 19:27 EDT

Theatre artist Ninad Samaddar and a graduate in Acting from Central Saint Martins has become the only Indian to be appointed in the unique show 'Curious Voyager'. 

The 'Curious Voyage' is a project directed by Daniele Bartolini, Artistic Director of DLT. DLT have successfully run various audience specific shows since 2013. This includes two shows in India. One of which was part of Thespo 17, a national youth theatre movement. 

This particular show is the most anticipated project for the team as they have never done something like this before. The show starts its course in a small town of Barrie, Canada and travels to the streets of Russell Square, London. The show essentially focuses on the journey of every audience member as they interact with actors hidden in plain sight. The actors guide the audience through the space in search of a question that begins the play for each of these audience members. Its not a typical theatre experience, its experiencing the devised world in the real world streets of London. Some audience members from London will experience how it is to be in a group with the Canadian audience members who have already begun the immersive experience back home and are traveling for their third and last day of their experience. 

Although, this would be the tail end of the show for the Canadian audience as opposed to the one-day show experience for the Londoners. This, in the words of the director is the craziest thing he has tried so far and is hoping for a beautiful response from the city. 

The show starts at half past noon and requires everyone to come equipped with a card equipped with travel within Zone 1-2 and trainers for there is some walking involved, with a surprise musical waiting at the end. The locations, job titles and exact knowledge of the show is a secret for the run At all given points the devised world is very much part of the real world doing justice to the show tailored to provide a thrilling journey.

Speaking to Asian Voice, Kolkata boy Ninad said, “As an international student it is quite hard getting around doing things for the first time and handling them all as the only one has been an exciting challenge. I was the only Indian and International student at the year at Drama Centre and now as the only Indian in the show, 'Curious Voyager'. It has shown me the vast area of experience that I can offer and bring to a character. I cannot reveal much about the character as that would potentially dissolve ones experience of this show, but the director has been able to include my ethnic identity in certain parts of the play. My character is much like all the other cast members, human beings with different professions, the only difference is that our main subject of interaction is with you, the audience.”

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