Bhattessa is sensational as Queen Anne's 'powerful friend and dangerous enemy'

Tuesday 05th September 2017 13:15 EDT

Sheena Bhattesa, who has been well known as an actress among the Asian audience, has been chosen for the role of Lady Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough in the London run of Helen Edmundson’s play Queen Anne, and she is spectacular. The role which is usually played by Romola Garai, and is made for a much older character, is strongly matched by Bhattesa. She offers a powerful stage presence- an excellent mix of courage and sensuality- an apt contestant for Emma Cunniffe as the obstinate and pious Queen Anne.

Bhattessa, who has acted in several plays and films, portrays the right amount of strong-will, glamour, and haugtiness as the wife of Anne's most influential and trusted general. Her acting is smooth, quick and convincing as a cunning, political critic of Anne's Tory devoutness or that of the conniving Mrs Marsham, played by Beth Park.

Sarah's friendship and influence with Princess Anne has been historically known. Leading public figures often turned their attentions to her in the hope that she would influence Anne to comply with requests. As a result, by the time Anne became queen, Sarah’s knowledge of government, and intimacy with the Queen, had made her a powerful friend and a dangerous enemy.

We would like to congratulate Sheena for her fantastic and gripping performance as one of Britain's most powerful woman.

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