'Rang Rangeela Gujjubhai' in the UK

Tuesday 02nd May 2017 13:14 EDT

If you love your funnybones to be tickled you need a dose of Siddharth Randeria's 'Rang Rangeela Gujjubhai'. Written and directed by Randeria himself, the play is a full family entertainment that closely follows misunderstandings between a husband and his wife. Priyakant Upadhyay, played by the writer himself, strives to make a better lifestyle for himself and his family, prompting a series of incidents in the bid that leave the audience's stomach hurting. Along with a stellar performance by Randeria, the production also makes sure to grasp the typical Gujarati essence of a simple family. 'Rang Rangeela Gujjubhai' is without an ounce of doubt, one of the best in the famous 'Gujjubhai' series.

With over 20,000 live performances and association with over 80 theatre productions, the actor-director-writer is a well-recognised artist across the theatre community. His 'Gujjubhai' series has found raging success all over the globe, and been religiously loved by Indian communities abroad. Randeria's last drama 'Lage Raho Gujjubhai' completed 750 shows in a span of 3 years, setting a record in Gujarati theatre, while his 'Gujjubhai Ghode Chadiya' completed 450 shows. He has even received several national and international awards, and is currently the only actor-director in Gujarati theatre to have given over 20 consecutive hit plays.

Brought to you by international promoter Safdar Hussain, 'Rang Rangeela Gujjubhai' all set to come in Wembley on May 26, Harrow on May 27, Rickmansworth on May 28, and Leicester on May 29. For further details, contact Videorama Kenton Road Tel 020 8907 0116 and Anand Pan Centre, East London, Tel 020 8471 6387. Media partner is Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar. or see advert on page No 23

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