Sensational Shaan is about to take UK on a tour

Reshma Trilochun Monday 23rd November 2015 15:00 EST

The sensational, melodious Bollywood singer, Shaan, was in London on Monday 23rd November 2015, where he official launched his UK tour at a press conference, at the Montcalm Hotel, Marble Arch.

His 3-hour solo concert will be taking place on Friday 19th February 2016, at De Montford Hall, Leicester, and Sunday 21st February, At Eventim Apollo, Hammersmith, London.

Talking about the upcoming tour and how different it will be to his prior shows, the enigmatic singer said, “I usually keep it very spontaneous and not so pre-planned. You want to go with what the audience is feeling at the moment... it reflects from the energies from the audience. Having said that, you can't come completely unplanned. Every time you perform, you want to bring in some new elements, you want to create something new and different. So, we are going to have different segments; we'll have like an unplugged section, we'll have a dance segment to it, we'll have interactive bits to it. It's going to be very different from whatever has happened so far.”

While also answering questions from the media, he also crooned his recent hit number, 'Aaj Unse Milna Hai Humein', from the movie, Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo, mesmerising everyone present with his soulful voice.

On being asked about the dormant state of the pop scene, or non-Bollywood songs in India, Shaan replied, “There's a re-emergence of singles again now. The thing was, for a while, we as artists were very confused as how to market your music, because everything is on YouTube, or on the other video sharing sites. There is so much going on there that it is difficult to stick your neck out. And people like to discover artist on YouTube; if you're already discovered and there for so long, there's nothing new for them to share.”

Going one step further, Shaan announced that he'll be releasing his new single in February as well. He said, “I incidentally will be releasing my single. It's a romantic single; it will be coming out in the month of February. It would even be a good way of showcasing that song. It's called 'Musafir'.”

Shaan also mentioned about recently becoming a composer. Along with his composing partners, Gaurav and Roshan, he has named themselves Superbia, which means pride in Italian- aptly summing up the meaning of the trio's names.

Speaking about the lifespan of a playback singer in Bollywood films, he said, “There was a time when there were artists like Mohammad Rafi Saab, Kishore Kumarji, Mukeshji, who almost sang as long as they were there. Their era only ended with them going; but their era is still on- you still listen to their music. Then of course, you've had shorter career spans but yet long enough. The trend now is moving very quickly. What is happening is as soon as someone is getting popular, they are getting burnt out because they are getting to sing so much... At some point I thought, 'Am I singing everything? What's going on here?' Say 2006, 2007, 2009, I was in every film and everywhere. And suddenly it all just stopped. It's a cycle. I don't know how much of this can come back, but if you keep yourself agile and fit, not just physically but with your voice, and you have a certain appeal when you perform and you entertain, then I think it doesn't really matter.”

He further explained, “As long as you can perform, as long as you can bring in that same energy and you have people who are still following your music. The same goes for Udit Narayanji and Kumar Sanuji. They are performing every other weekends somewhere in the world. With them, their music stays. If you can't perform to that level and you cannot bring in that sort of magic... then there's trouble.”

Well, Shaan will definitely not be in trouble as his magnificent voice will resonate forever. His upcoming tour will definitely create a stir amongst his fans in the UK, who without a doubt will flock in groups to get a glimpse of this sensational artist performing live on stage. 

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