New album brings 'Reggae feast' for listeners

Tuesday 11th August 2015 14:10 EDT

Desi Dark Child Records & the DDC are proud to announce the new forthcoming album “Reggae Feast” hitting worldwide music industry on 20th August 2015.

The album has a host of unique talented singers such as talented Sabar Khoti, Jasdev Yamala Jatt son of late legendry Lal Chand Yamla Jatt & Kuldeep Manak, with featured guests such as Apache Indian and Cheshire Cat adding their own touches to the album. The British Bhangra scene has not had many reggae genre tracks nor has reggae been explored with singers based in India who have many qualities which shine through once given the right concepts.

Some of the album compositions also include reggae jazz, blues reggae, Creole reggae, Latin reggae and folk reggae. It promises to win hearts of fans with the song selection, which have been re-created in reggae compositions.

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