Coldplay's new video gains criticism for cultural appropriation

Tuesday 02nd February 2016 10:03 EST

Another outburst has taken place with Indian's portrayal in the western world. The music video, Hymn For the Weekend, by the music group Coldplay, has led to many criticism within hours of it being released.

Hymn For the Weekend is the second single from the band's new album, A Head Full of Dreams. The video stars Beyoncé as a Bollywood damsel, adorned in Indian attire and ornaments.

The video has received mixed reviews on social media and has started debates about integral difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. Some have even gone one step ahead and labelled Beyoncé's semblance as cultural appropriation.

The video shows the band roaming around India during the festival of colours, Holi, with street kids dancing away. The video also has Bollywood starlet, Sonam Kapoor in a 2-second cameo at the end.

There have been people who have disliked the use of India in the video, using it as a backdrop to allegedly portray the stereotypical notion of India- poverty and Bollywood.

While there are also some who do not see what the big deal is about this video. For them, it is just like any other musical- a means to express your creativity.

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