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Living with yourself

Priya Monday 06th April 2020 07:32 EDT


Bytes to binge

Genre: Comedy Drama

Written by: Timothy Greenberg

Duration: 26 min

Where to watch: Netflix


Corona may have you living alone right now, imagine if you could apply this theory to it too!

Paul Rudd best known for his part in the American comedy show ‘Friends’, plays the lead character in this one as well- a guy called Miles. He plays the role of a desperate guy who undergoes a procedure he thinks will make him and his life better! This weird comedy drama will either get you caught in its web immediately or sadly...not. They are short burst episodes of 26 minutes showcasing unrealistic scenarios, however I must say, with the unusualness and the strangeness of present circumstances, what’s proposed in this drama may not be as far fetched and may be nearer to fruition than I think! I won’t give anything away! Watch for yourself. The cast is small and actually makes sense for the plot but the madness of the main lead is portrayed as real as can possibly be for this kind of story.

Aisling Bea plays Miles’s wife and brings the normality to the show, she always does. She’s got a realness to her acting which I love. The every day challenges, pitfalls, hardships one faces is dealt with by a single act of this character but shows there are always consequences we will either like or not, think they are worth it! For me, the show is about societal ills and bringing the ‘procedure’ to the forefront only magnifies these ills. Talking shop for a minute, I feel we currently aren’t helping as a society enough as a whole. It’s a subject close to my heart actually, the fact that we all have a responsibility and a part to play to help collectively portray the message of being who you are is enough, and bumping people up with our help when they need it. Concreted in today’s climate as I’m sure you will all agree! Moving swiftly back onto the show, yes this show is an escapism for sure and while I think the acting skills are brilliant and holds the show up, the writing could be more sophisticated but that’s me picking at it as I’m not a real fan of the plot anyway. Worth a watch though! It’s a show about how we face challenges and actually what really is our mindset and how we meet our fears mentally. If any of you have watched a show that deals with mental strength you really enjoyed watching recently and you think needs more light shed on it to help others, find me on twitter @ApblPriya and I’d love to hear about it! Let’s share together.

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