I spy "The spy”!

Priya Wednesday 18th March 2020 09:18 EDT

Yes. that’s right we see the comedian in a 360 U-turn role like we have never seen him before and I am pleasantly surprised!

The story is slow and takes you to darker places for sure, but it’s thrilling at every turn. This history drama tells the astonishing true story of this remarkable and courageous man who infiltrated the Syrian government in the 1960s. The plot is based in the years before and leading to the 1967 six-day war between Israel and Syria, and I also like the show paying attention to the trust based, loving relationship between him and his wife. She bears a strong hold on him and his actions. His patriot heart is also just as strong leading him to make clear choices for his country whatever the risk.

But, the writing for this drama is sluggish in some parts. However, for me the genre and concept made up for it. I am also not going to hide the fact that I think Sasha made it interesting for me, always taking me back to how brilliant he is with his accents! In one particular scene, I found myself really immersed into the message it was trying to get across. His ‘handler’ suggested that he think about the fact that he would be giving his life temporarily for the country and even though he had been preparing to be the spy this scene made the big change for all. He could have said no and that he would make sure it was because of that fact that he was not ready for it. He quickly responded. I am ready. I am going. It makes you think about the decisions one makes and self-sacrifices for the greater good. Salute to you Eli Cohen.

I believe the 6-part series though, would be just that unless they found a way to incorporate another story into it. Cohen’s character is a past Egyptian army reject but he seems to make up for him, proving himself whilst being the spy. In real life, Eli Cohen was a shorter man compared to Sasha’s great stature, which I think has given him much advantage as his transformation really helps us believe his ability to successfully complete his mission. It’s a great plot for this reason. I hope the rest of the series continues to show us history in this enthralling way. The cast is a great line up too. Noah Emmerich, Hadar Ratzon, Waleed Zuaiter and Alexander Siddig come through with tremendous weight for the story. I am not sure this show is a complete winner but yes it does have some mastery in the mix and for this I would give it a watch when you are in the mood for some heavy history drama.

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