Forget Humphrey Appleby, Fleabag is the new satirical queen!

Priya N Desai Tuesday 11th February 2020 07:52 EST


Bytes to Binge:

No. of Episodes: 10

Duration: 50 minutes each

Cast : Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Andrew Scott

Director: Harry Bradbeer

Music: Isobel Waller-Bridge

Where: Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime and now iTunes.

Genre: Comedy Drama



This is an 11 Emmy nominated witty and dramatic comedy drama full of ‘omg’ moments! A British comedy full of talent both in its casting and in its content it is thoroughly enjoyable, even if you haven’t seen the first season. Fleabag is a front row ticket into the mind of a woman who is angry, sexually aware and who has been through a marathon of personal and family issues that most this side of the fence, may not see in a lifetime. You will find yourself emotionally built up to defend her even before you know it! It is brutally honest and does not try to mince words or hide anything and word on the street is this season is better than the first!

Plot / Sub-plots / Themes:

Fleabag is actually quite a refreshing watch! A dry-witted and enormously intelligent piece of writing dealing with real life tragedy and serious topics in the most laid back and cocky way. Make way for some squirmy humour thrown in too that will rock your boat for sure. This script has some seriously clever writing! I can’t say it enough. Never have I been so bombarded with so much dramatics in just one scene!

The lead character finds herself amidst mayhem and madness, that is her family and at a dinner that is rarely had by them all. We see why! Yes, the story is heavily based around this one character, but there are other intriguing characters surrounding her that will keep you curious to the edge of your seat. The ‘Priest’ is a new face for the episode, and Andrew Scott exudes almost everything but priest like traits and that’s what fascinating about his role in all of this. Have you ever seen such a seductive, alcohol drinking God servant? A real cocktail of personalities, blunders, human issues, relationship challenges and everything in between, dealt head on and with plenty of cringe!

Weirdly, this style of comedy drama reminds me of Quinton Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction in some scenes. At first this unusual, almost crude comedy took some getting used to but you can see why the 2nd season has been well anticipated and received. Perhaps it can also be a justification for why Phoebe Waller-Bridge has taken so long to conceive! British comedy tends to be less dressed up and especially when you compare it to the other side of the pond in the States, but this I feel will take you to another level of psychedelic laughter. If you have seen the first season you may have asked yourself if this woman could get any more unfortunate. Stream it, watch it, I recommend it!

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