Delhi Crime: Why Nirbhaya ‘India’s Daughter’s’ story is relevant today

Priya Tuesday 10th March 2020 13:24 EDT


Bytes to Binge

Genre: Crime Drama

Duration: 54 mineach

Where to watch: Netflix

Directed by: Richie Mehta


Delhi Crime is a gut wrenching watch and factually correct in its depiction of what really happened almost a decade ago in the Delhi rape case which shook the entire country.

This spectacular Indian Crime Drama shows us what unfolds after a horrible incident of a Delhi gang rape in 2012, in Munirka, South Delhi, India.

The Deputy Commissioner is assigned to bring to justice the culprits responsible for the assaults and the death of this girl. The real life story is horrific, about a 23 year old medical student out with a friend who took a bus and on this bus one of Delhi’s gruesome crimes of recent times occurs. It is truly an eye opening piece of drama (the actual events are not shown of course), and I’m sure the real life incident will grip you with outrage and disgust as it did me, but the writing and direction is commendable.

Written by Canadian film writer Richie Mehta, it’s really brilliant to see he took direct action with something that pulled on his heart strings after Neeraj Kumar, the former commissioner of the Delhi Police force asked him to have a look at this case. After a while of thought, he felt he needed to shed light on it! I mean for me film and TV does have a responsibility for depicting life and using the medium as a giant microscope with speakers to have the greater good affect, so the first hand of applause to him for taking the initiative to tell a story shoved deep in a pile of paper work! Many more applause for this show from me too. The acting is good in this and really well cast too. One is entirely dispersed into the realm of what this time may have felt like for all trying to get to the bottom of this case during a time when it was super hard to gather information and to extract truth. The perpetrators are not seen as powerful evil beings with great force, but mere weak and hopeless beings, the product of the poor and underclass seen in Delhi which I find so clever of the writer, as we need to come away from cliche points of view and begin digging deep in society to find truer root causes. The actual series covers just a few days, six to be exact from the incident to the arrest but it’s the intricacies that I found a really great to watch, as for me watching an Indian crime drama is unusual and it took me a minute to place my head in the right place to enjoy it.

The topic itself is a fragile one but one that is fierce with making sure justice is done. I felt the shows made more focus on the police investigation, which actually makes sense if one wants to know exactly what the steps and struggles are when trying to nail a demon of this sort in Delhi specifically. I also love the theme of celebrating women continues with characters reflecting women in power. Netflix have found another great watch, another true story to get your teeth into and another remarkable story that the world needed to hear about. If any of you have watched a great true story recently you think needs more light shed on, then find me on twitter @ApblPriya and I would love to hear about it!

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