Pak actor calls Shah Rukh 'universal superstar'

Wednesday 01st February 2023 07:06 EST

Shah Rukh Khan’s return to the big screen has been a massive success. The actor, who was last seen in a full-fledged role in 'Zero' in 2018, has been creating waves ever since ‘Pathaan’ was released on January 25. Among people praising the actor was Pakistani actor and VJ Anoushey Ashraf, who took to her social media accounts and called Shah Rukh a “universal superstar”.

She added she will always be a fan of the actor. In her recent Instagram post, Anoushey wrote, "As much as people dislike him, as much as Pakistanis feel we should not promote Bollywood, for me SRK is a universal superstar. As artists we believe we connect to people beyond borders (which is an awful man-made concept), the world only knows us as humans and this human (Shah Rukh) has done remarkable stuff and speaks ever so eloquently! Forever a fan (of) Shah Rukh Khan.”

Her comments, however, did not go down well with several social media users who said she only made the comments to get Shah Rukh’s attention. However, Anoushey slammed them for “hating” her. She wrote, "Man, I share things on my wall, as my opinions but the people in the comments section here are remarkable…they can’t even take an opinion. Like just ‘in my eyes’ an opinion is lost because they’re busy thinking I want to get noticed by him (Shah Rukh). Haha I mean, there are many ways to get noticed. Many many many… than a mere opinion on my own story. Stars have universal love, respect and appeal and so we speak about them. But Pakistanis in general have this hate deep seated in them. Even for their own. They just cannot be nice in general. Everything makes them want to put another down. God knows what satisfaction they get from that but to an outsider it speaks volumes of a hardened, deprived and negative mindset. Good luck hating losers!”

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