Why 'The Gray Man' makers did not kill off Dhanush's character?

Wednesday 10th August 2022 07:59 EDT

Dhanush, who made his second Hollywood appearance in the Netflix action thriller film ‘The Gray Man,’ starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, did not fail to leave the audience with quite an impression as Avik San aka the Lone Wolf in the film.

The makers did not include Dhanush in ‘The Gray Man’ merely in a cameo appearance only to get him killed off later in the movie. Rather, his powerful role promised scope for a much larger play in the future films of the franchise, if or when they are made. The Russo Brothers had already confirmed last week that ‘The Gray Man’ will have a sequel as well as a spin-off, where Ryan Gosling would be reprising his role of CIA mercenary Court Gentry aka Sierra Six.

In a recent interview, Joe and Anthony Russo explained what inspired Dhanush’s casting in the movie and why his character was not killed off. “We’re fortunate enough to use Dhanush. We were not interested in him playing a one-off character who shows up just to be overcome by the lead in the film. He is as equally skilled and determined as Gosling is in the movie. He has a story that will allow him to come back into the narrative at some point - as his own hero,” the brothers were quoted as saying.

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