Vijay Sethupathi no longer wishes to share the screen with major stars

Thursday 13th June 2024 02:43 EDT

Tamil star Vijay Sethupathi, known for his versatility, recently explained his decision to refrain from antagonist and supporting roles. 

Despite criticism, he made special appearances in films like "Uppena" and "Michael," and played antagonists in "Master," "Vikram," and "Jawan." 

In an interview, Sethupathi expressed feeling overlooked despite putting in equal effort. When asked about his aspirations to work with Tamil cinema stars, he replied honestly, "No, I think I’m fatigued by those kinds of films."

He elaborated, "This is because I’ve had both good and bad experiences in the Indian film industry. When you sign on a film with another star, you obviously know what role you're signing up for. But sometimes, despite your hard work and performance, there’s minimal recognition. You contribute as much as the star, but often it goes unnoticed."

Sethupathi confirmed his decision to move away from villain and guest roles, stating, "Yes, I first mentioned this during the promotions of Merry Christmas that I don’t want to play such roles in the future." He explained, "I have declined many such offers recently. When you repeatedly portray similar roles, there are limitations and comparisons to your previous performances." Notably, his roles as Bhavani in "Master" and Sandhanam in "Vikram" faced criticism for their similarities, leading to rumours that Sethupathi was initially hesitant to accept the latter role for this reason.

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