Priyamani speculates on absence from pairing with top tamil and telugu stars: 'Perhaps I might overpower them'

Wednesday 17th April 2024 09:02 EDT

Despite boasting numerous commercially successful and critically acclaimed films, actor Priyamani has never been cast opposite the top heroes of Tamil and Telugu cinema. When questioned about this in a recent interview, the actor admitted she lacked a definitive answer to the matter.

Priyamani candidly addressed the media, expressing her perplexity over not being cast alongside A-listers. She suggested directing questions to directors and producers for insight. Without placing blame, she shared hearsay about not being cast due to concerns of overshadowing co-stars. Despite the uncertainty, she remains content with her career path.

Priyamani also mentioned her disregard for the importance of being cast alongside A-listers for visibility. While acknowledging initial disappointment, she emphasised that it's a matter for the actors themselves to address.

However, Priyamani stresses that she is happy with how things went with her career. “It had ups and downs. Yes, there were times when I was sitting at home trying to work wherever I could… nice and quality work, obviously. Some (work) I did for… ‘Okay, let me see this kind of thing’. That’s okay. It is also part of your journey, right?”

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