Parvathy claps back at online trolls

Wednesday 23rd June 2021 07:15 EDT

Malayalam actor Parvathy Thiruvothu is not known for her subtlety. Known for her outspokenness, she has often been bait to online abuses and non-stop trolling by her detractors. However, none of that has fazed her yet. Parvathy recently took to her Instagram page with a funny lip-sync video making a comeback for online trolls.

“This is not the first time and it won’t be the last. Your emphatic hatred towards me and slithering joy over my being ripped apart in a public space shows more about your issues than who I am. We don’t have to agree on anything, but if you can’t hold a respectful space for debate, conversation and allow growth, you’re adding to cancel-culture,” she wrote in her latest post.

Asking those who take out time to attach her on social media to get a life, she says, “I am not here for it. I hold space for myself and for others. I will never shy away from working hard to become a better version of myself. While you trip on tearing someone down with your assumptions and analyses, make no mistake you're the only one falling.”

She recently made headlines for “liking” an apology posted by rapper Vedan on social media following sexual misconduct allegations. She later posted an apology for her “like”. She posted a statement that read, “I apologise sincerely to the survivors who have so bravely spoken up against the accused singer Vedan. I had liked his apology post with the thought that many men don't even acknowledge that they were at fault. I know clearly that it is not something to celebrate. I truly believe that it's of paramount importance that the survivors be respected as they go forth with the case.”

She added, “I removed my “like” as soon as I got to know that a few survivors said the apology was not a sincere one. I stand corrected. Whether to forgive and how to heal is always the right of the survivor and I'll only always stand by them.”

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