Pandemic has taught me important lessons: Nagarjuna

Wednesday 14th July 2021 07:50 EDT

South superstar Nagarjuna Akkineni is taking away key life lessons from the ongoing Coronavirus that has created havoc. Instead of worrying about the delays in shoot, shuffling of release plans, or general stress factors, he said he chooses to focus on all the positive things. Speaking in an interview, Nagarjuna said, “I have learnt a lot of patience and humility. And coronavirus has taught me, 'Don't think you are too big, you can anytime get wiped out'. In fact, the whole world can be wiped out. So, don't think you are someone big and won't get affected.”

“Since long, I have been working continuously, and had never stopped to look at that. And in these past few months, everything came to a stop. And it was good.” he says. Nagarjuna points out that the one positive thing on the work front is the boom of OTT platforms in the country.

“Now, all kinds of films will see the light. Some films are made and they never release. They either don’t find buyers, or even if they are released in theatre, nobody come to watch it. But on OTT, they will probably watch that film,” he says, noting that this also gives a chance to people to experiment with varied roles and stories.

The actor himself will make his debut in the space with 'Wild Dog' which will feature him as a ruthless NIA officer.

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