Mammootty says, 'Cinema is my life, I never feel exhausted'

Thursday 06th June 2024 03:56 EDT

Mammootty has been active in the film industry for 42 years and has no intention of taking a break. In a recent interview, the Malayalam actor was asked if he would ever consider stepping away from movies, to which he firmly responded, "never." At 72, Mammootty emphasised that cinema is not just a part of his life—it is his life. While he may take a few days off when he feels tired, he is always eager to work on his next film.

Speaking on YouTube channel, Mammootty stated, “I don’t feel exhausted. Once I feel that, it will be my last breath.” When questioned about imagining a day without working, the "Turbo" actor explained, “I can imagine a day without cinema because if I’m tired, I can take 2-3 days of rest. But after that, I need the hope of my next film. That it’s going to happen. That makes me comfortable. Otherwise, without cinema, there is no life. Cinema is my life. So whatever happens in the cinema will affect my life.”

When further questioned about walking away from the cinema, Mammootty declared, “No. Cinema is not a part of my life. It is my life.”

In the same conversation, Mammootty discussed the growth of Indian cinema in comparison to Hollywood, emphasising that there is “nothing to compare.” He noted that India produces “smaller films with better content,” highlighting the country's vast array of languages and cultures. He said, “India is a world of diversity, so you can easily make different things. Nothing to compare with Hollywood. They’re very big. So we make it smaller with better content.”

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