Kamal Haasan calls Covid-19 worst challenge since WW2

Wednesday 06th May 2020 06:14 EDT

Opening up about the Covid-19 crisis, veteran actor Kamal Haasan called it the “greatest challenge since World War II”. Speaking about his experience enduring the government-imposed lockdown, Haasan said, “It is something that has been tutored to me by my parents and family. It is not only during times of Covid-19 but all the time. I have taken my share of spills... I mean, fractures, injuries, and hospitalisations, and I always come back. I bounce back on my feet.”

On why he would refer to the pandemic as the worst challenge since WW2, he said, “I use World War II as the point of reference because that is the closest to our generation. Europe changed because of plague... Plague had been there for thousands of years but when it came, it swept across Europe. Suddenly, wisdom dawned on Europe and many other places when they learned that there is something called civic duty and you can't be selfish.”

He said the ongoing pandemic has forced people to introspect and notice the little things around them. “It is not only seclusion but they are deep into introspection which they have never been before because they were so busy. Now, they hear the birds and think about street dance. No one realised these things existed, they just walked around it. ”

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