I thought about suicide, Dileep opens up

Wednesday 19th April 2017 07:58 EDT

Ace actor Dileep opened up about his life in a recent interview, discussing topics ranging from his ex-wife Manju Warrier to the 'Bhavana incident'. The latter was abducted and molested in a running car, and lately blamed Dileep to be part of the group. The two have for years been openly hostile towards each other, making their displeasure public.

“It was me who offered her a cameo in my film 'Thilakkam'. At that time she was just one film old and was not a leading lady in the industry. Since then, she has acted as my heroine in almost 6 or 7 films and in each one of them it was me who recommended her for the role, not the director or the producer. Those were the roles any other heroines could have easily done. After some years, I noticed changes in her behaviour and found it difficult to adjust with her, thus refrained from casting her in my films,” the actor said.

Talking about the allegation, he said he was in the hospital the day Bhavana was abducted, “On hearing the news, I immediately called the family and expressed my support. It was only two days later I saw many fingers being pointed towards me. I was stunned and did not know how to react, I became so depressed that I even thought about suicide. But then my daughter's face came to my mind and I thought about how it would be for her without me.”

The 'My Boss' actor added, “There were many people who deliberately wanted to attack me, my body was not harmed but my soul was attacked from all sides. What did I do to be attacked like this? The owner of a big advertisement firm has said that he would kick me out of this industry. I believe in God and believe that if we set out to destroy someone, it will end up destroying ourselves.” He alleged it was a calculated attack on his image.

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