Gautham Menon is very pleased with Karthick Naren

Saturday 18th March 2017 07:42 EDT

The ' Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru' team celebrated the 75th day of the film at Prasad Studios, Chennai, with the industries top shots present. Gautham Menon spoke at the event and revealed that he was a fan of Karthick Naren and his work. "Cinema always welcomes fresh talents, and Tamil cinema, especially does that in a grand manner. The best example is Karthick Naren. A week after the film's release, I happened to see so much of positive reviews pouring in for the film, and that is when I decided to watch the film. I had met Karthick already during the first look launch of the movie. He introduced himself as my fan. But after watching the film, I became his fan."

He also said that he was jealous of him. "While I was watching Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru, I was always wondering about what his second film is going to be like. As a result, I wanted to become a small part of his journey and came on board to produce Naragasooran. All the technicians, who have worked in D16 have stood out, and I guess Karthick Naren gave them so much of space to exhibit their talents. When I couldn't work with Jomon for Dhruva Natchathiram, I wanted to work with somebody new, and I asked Karthick to introduce me to Sujith Sarang (DoP of D16)."

"Karthick, who is just 21 or 22, is very clear, confident and sorted. He is roaming around with bound scripts in hand, and I am very jealous of him. Every hero wants to work with him, and I am sure a lot of heroes are lined up. Of course, the USP of D16 is Rahman Sir. He still looks like the same Rahman we saw in KB Sir's films. I think we should thank Karthick Naren for this world-class film, and I wish him and the whole team the best for all of their future endeavours."

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