Filmmaker Mysskin declares war on Vishal

Wednesday 18th March 2020 05:56 EDT

Director Mysskin declared war on Vishal as he took the opportunity to share his side of the story. He revealed that 'Thupparivaalan 2' revolves around the Kohinoor diamond and he had worked on the script for nearly a year. He claimed he wrote the movie to help Vishal overcome his debt problem. He added, “I already had a producer who was ready to fund the movie. He had even given me an advance. But, Vishal himself insisted on producing it.”

He added, “I even told him that I can write a different story that happens within Chennai and we can shoot on a budget of £1 million. That can be 'Thupparivaalan 2', and we can make this movie as 'Thupparivaalan 3' later. But, he wanted to make this movie.” The director demanded Vishal provide proof to support his allegations against him. He said, “He claimed that I spent around Rs 35,00,000 for script work. I have the proof to show that I only spent Rs 700,000 of 750,000 that was given to me.”

Issue began after Vishal alleged that Mysskin was a difficult director to work with as his working methods incurred him a huge financial loss. Mysskin said, “I told him beforehand that he can't make this movie as it would cost him about £2 million. I knew he had a lot of debt and this would add more burden to him.” He said his current pay scale was the source of conflict between the two.

Mysskin said that he has already completed 32 days of shooting and was forced to give no objection certificate to Vishal to allow the production of the movie. He said the fight was far from over.

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