Comedy comes naturally to me: Allari Naresh

Thursday 30th July 2015 09:31 EDT

One of best contemporary Tamil comedians, Allari Naresh feels comedy comes so naturally to him that he doesn't have to put extra efforts to make it work.

“Comedy comes naturally to me. I’m at ease when I’m doing comedy. I feel so comfortable that I don’t even have to put in effort to make the jokes work. I’m so used to doing comedy that even when I’m asked to perform serious scenes, I try and induce some comedy in it. This attempt has paid off several times,” he said.

“I do comedy films because that’s what is expected of me. My few attempts at doing films in other genres didn’t work in my favour.”

The actor assures his upcoming 'James Bond' will offer something slightly different than the usual. “This film too is high on comedy like most of my releases. Usually, I team up with a star comedian to evoke laughter, but in James Bond I’ve teamed up with Sakshi, who plays the heroine. I’m sure audiences will enjoy our combination.”

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