Anushka & Rajini share their expertise

Saturday 27th September 2014 12:03 EDT

Prior to making big in silverscreen, Anushka was a trained yoga master and she still practices it even now. Nagarjuna, who was a student for Anushka, offered her to take the acting career and the rest is history. The ‘Singam’ girl is currently working with Superstar in ‘Lingaa’ and taught him some important lessons in yoga. In turn, Superstar passed his knowledge and planted the seeds of meditation to the ‘Bahubali’ girl. Now, Anushka has realized that meditation is much better than yoga and asking all her friends to indulge in meditation too. And, she does not forget to convey that she learnt the art from the man who mastered it for years. Well, that is Rajnijkanth! Even at the age of 60+ he learns from everyone and passes his skill to others without any ego.

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