Allu Arjun unblocks co-star Bhanushree Mehra on Twitter

Wednesday 22nd March 2023 06:53 EDT

Actor Allu Arjun unblocked his ‘Varudu’ co-star Bhanushree Mehra on Twitter a few hours after blocking her. Bhanushree shared a screenshot of the actor’s profile revealing he has blocked her, and wrote, “If you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut, just remember that I acted in Vaurud with Allu Arjun and STILL couldn’t get nay work. But I’ve learned to find humour in struggles - especially now that Allu Arjun has blocked me on Twitter Go subscribe?”

Bhanushree clarified after a few hours that she had never blamed Allu for her career setbacks and revealed that the actor had unblocked her. She shared another screenshot and wrote, "Great news, Allu Arjun has unblocked me! To clarify, I NEVER blamed him for my career setbacks. Instead, I've learned to find humor in my struggles and keep moving forward. Stay tuned for more laughs and good vibes! Thanks, Allu Arjun, for being a good sport.”

The actor also posted a video which she later deleted on the microblogging site and wrote, “Well, that was rollercoaster of a day! Goodnight, folks! Just to clear the air - my tweet wasn’t intended to hurt any Allu Arjun fans. I’m a fan too! I was just poking fun at my own career struggles. Let’s spread love & laughter, not hate. Sweet dreams!”

Bhanushree and Allu worked together in the Telugu romantic action drama released in 2010. Helmed by Gunasekhar, the film failed to impress the audience at the box office.

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