110 avatars for Keerthy in 'Mahanati'

Friday 11th May 2018 07:08 EDT

Keerthy Suresh, who plays Savitri in the actress' biopic 'Mahanati', will transform into not one, not two, but 110 different looks. The revelation was made by director Nag Ashwin, who said she had to adorn the changes so she could do justice to the role. 20 of the looks were already dropped by the makers through posters, stills and teasers. It will be an understatement to say Keerthy has an uncanny resemblance to the late actress. The bilingual, which is made in Telugu and Tamil, has found profound appreciation by the public and critics alike.

Savitri's daughter Vijaya Chamundeswari, who had her doubts initially, loved the film and texted Keerthy afterwards saying, “If I ever need the warmth of my mom, will come to you Keerthy.” Keerthy responded saying, “I convinced Savitri amma's own daughter with my performance in the film, what more I need?” About signing up for the character, she said, “I wondered if something like this would even happen. That's when I said no and it took a few meeting with Nag Aswin to convince me. The narration did the trick, but it made me more nervous. After I said yes, I started to wonder if I could really do it. I wanted to, but how would I?”

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