New episode of 'Quantico' upsets Indians

Saturday 09th June 2018 07:42 EDT

A recent episode of Priyanka Chopra's 'Quantico' has irked the wrath of Indians. After three years of steady praise and promotion of a Bollywood actor featuring as the protagonist of an American television show, the charm seems to have faded away. The latest episode features Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) foil a plot by an Indian nationalists to carry out a nuclear attack in Manhattan and frame Pakistanis just days before a summit in Kashmir. Parrish thwarts the plot after noticing a Hindu symbol, the rudraksha on a chain worn by one of the terrorists.

Indian fans of the show feel betrayed by Chopra, who is now viewed as a quasi-ambassador for the country in the West. A prominent Indian journalist tweeted, “Wow. Power of the global jihad industry. Tainting Hindu nationalism through #Hollywood to cover up for world's greatest terror exporter, Pakistan. Amaze. #Quantico”. Indian author Anuj Dhar tweeted, “Have the makers of 'Quantico' outsourced scriptwriting to Digvijaya Singh?”

Chopra has often faced the pressure of depicting India positively abroad. Just last month she was trolled for visiting a Rohingya refugee camp and highlighting the suffering of Muslims rather than Hindus.

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