Here is a wife that would do anything to save her husband

Lights, Camera and Reaction

Wednesday 20th May 2020 05:38 EDT

Genre: Crime Thriller

Duration: 106 minutes

This crime thriller is a Netflix Original and is all about a wife who would do anything to prove her husband’s innocence, but the question is, would he do the same?

Mrs Serial Killer starts with Sona (Jacqueline Fernandez) torturing a woman in what looks like a hospital room. It then moves onto Sona talking to her husband Joy (Manoj Bajpayee) where she tells him she is pregnant. Imran (Mohit Raina) a cop turns up and starts collecting evidence against her husband as 6 girls have gone missing and their bodies are found in a house owned by Joy.

All the girls were unmarried and pregnant with their pregnancies aborted and with Joy being a doctor the police believe he could be responsible. Sona believes her husband is innocent and calls in a top lawyer Mr Rastogi but Joy’s bail is rejected due to evidence they have against him. Mr Rastogi gives Sona the idea that if she commits a murder similar to the others then Joy would have to be let out, obviously Sona does not agree at first but then she finally caves in.

Sona’s neighbour, Anushka happens to be unmarried and pregnant and this is a prime candidate for Sona. When the news of Anushka’s death comes out, Joy is released. When Joy gets home Sona shows him Anushka who she has held in the basement of Joy’s clinic. Sona had staged a body that she found to look like it was Anushka. The only problem they face now is that Anushka’s boyfriend Sid has found out the truth and goes to save Anushka but the two of them get trapped in the basement.

In the middle of the night Sona wakes to find Joy is missing and instantly knows he must have gone to his clinic, as she gets there she finds out that Joy really is the serial killer and is about to kill Anushka. Although Joy has taken Sid down, Sid has managed to call Imran who turns up immediately but is also taken down by Joy. Will Joy kill them all or will he be beaten?

Jacqueline’s acting let’s this film down as she does not fit the serious role as she does the comic role in films like 'Housefull' or 'Judwaa 2' but the interesting storyline makes the film watchable as the suspense of who the killer is keeps you going.

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