Would you download an app that told you when you would die?

Wednesday 02nd September 2020 05:22 EDT

Genre: Supernatural Horror

Duration: 90 minutes

Quinn is a nurse who downloads an app that tells her when she will die. The problem is everyone around her seems to have years to live but her app tells her that she only has three days to live.

There are apps for pretty much everything these days. If you found out there was an app that would tell you when you’re going to die would you be brave enough to download it?

Quinn is a nurse and is taking care of an injured Evan. Evan tells Quinn that he and his girlfriend Courtney downloaded the app, Courtney died and his app says he is going to die when he goes into surgery. Quinn is intrigued by this app and so she downloads it but is horrified to find out that she only has 3 days to live.

Evan doesn’t go into surgery, but he still dies at the time the app said. Quinn is now terrified and so she cancels a meeting she has with her father and sister, Jordan. The app comes up with a warning to say she has broken the user agreement.

After panicking, she decides to buy a new phone, but the app re-installs itself. She then meets Matt who has also downloaded the app and only has a few days to live. Together they took the decision to try and beat it.

They manage to hack into the app but find out Jordan is on there and her death time is a couple of minutes before Quinn’s. Quinn and Matt seek help from a priest and take Jordan along with them. The priest has a theory that the curse can be broken if someone dies before their time. However, the circle is broken, Matt dies and Jordan is injured.

They rush to the hospital as their death time is nearing. Will Quinn find a way to save herself and Jordan? 'Countdown' is a great film to watch if you like to be scared out of your wits. It has a few of those jumpy moments that will keep you on your toes but not too much, so you won’t be reaching for the pillow to hide behind. Elizabeth Lail is a great actress and helps make this film an easy watch.

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