Wonder Woman 1984

Wednesday 20th January 2021 06:25 EST

Genre: Superhero Film


Duration: 151 minutes


The Wonder Woman saga continues with the new Wonder Woman 1984 based in the year 1984 where Diana works for the Smithsonian Institute but also performs heroic acts secretly.


The film starts with Young Diana taking part in an athletic event against older Amazons. She is at the top of her game and is miles ahead of the others until she gets knocked off her horse. She then decides to take a short cut which she is later reprimanded for. This sets a life lesson for Diana later in life.


An older Diana is now based in Washington DC where a timid quiet Barbara joins the museum and Diana becomes friends with her, in turn Barbara is in awe of Diana. Wonder Woman stops a robbery in which the FBI ask the museum to name the artifacts. One of these happens to be a Dreamstone with a Latin inscription that says anyone that holds it is granted one wish. Diana without realising asks for her lover to return and when Diana saves Barbara from an attack on the streets she wishes to be like Diana, she has no idea what this entails.


A businessman is failing in his work and he attends a gala at Smithsonian hoping to get his hands on the stone, which he does thanks to Barbara. His wish is to become the stone.


Will Wonder Woman be able to save the day or will Max take over the world and cause chaos.


Wonder Woman 1984 is exactly what we needed at the moment. We are all stuck at home and are looking for something new and exciting to watch and Wonder Woman 1984 does not disappoint in that department.


There is action, drama and fantasy with heroism exactly what we expect from any DC film. Gal Gadot looks absolutely stunning in the film and she makes all the spins, runs and slides look impeccable and easy. The storyline is interesting and intriguing leaving you wondering what is going to happen next and where this Dreamstone is going to take you.


With cinemas closed in the UK, fans can catch Wonder Woman 1984 streaming online in the comfort of their own homes. 

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