When two women are trying to steer through the difficulties of life

Wednesday 23rd September 2020 06:37 EDT

Genre: Drama

Duration: 120 minutes

Dolly is a housewife who lives in the outskirts of New Delhi where her cousin also moves to. The two women hold each other’s dark secrets and this is what keeps them close. The film shows how they navigate through their daily lives.

The film starts with Dolly and Kaajal at a fun fair with Dolly’s family. Dolly’s husband Amit tries to make an advance towards Kaajal who dismisses this but tries to tell Dolly, but Dolly does not believe her.

Kaajal is working at a shoe factory where she quits and Dolly in an office where she feels unappreciated. Kaajal soon lands herself a job at a cyber love company and finds a bed in a woman’s hostel so she can move out of Dolly’s flat.

Dolly is feeling lost in her own marriage, her younger son prefers playing with dolls and dressing like a girl and this is causing tension at his school. She does not feel intimate with her husband and strikes up a friendship with the local delivery boy. Dolly is also trying to keep up with society and move into a new luxury apartment.

As time goes on Kaajal now known as Kitty falls in love with one of her clients but when they are caught and thrown into jail, he does not bail her out. This is when she finds out he is already married and was deceiving her.

In this time Dolly has started an affair with the delivery boy Osmaan and it all comes to a head when they all end up at a function together. A riot breaks out and Osmaan is killed. Dolly finally plucks up the courage to leave her husband and Kitty finds that her role at the cyber love center is more important than ever.

Dolly Kitty aur who Chamakte Sitare is a fun easy to watch film. It may seem like there are a lot of complexities but actually it is one of those films you can watch without having to task your brain too much. There is a harsh reality of how life is for some woman in India which is bought to the forefront in this film and how men are treated differently to men but both Konkana Sen Sharma and Bhumi Pednekar play their roles really well with the right amount of emotion needed to keep you watching.

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