When horror meets comedy in a love triangle

Wednesday 21st April 2021 06:46 EDT

Genre: Comedy Horror

Duration: 134 Minutes

Streaming On: Netflix


Two small town boys fall in love with the same girl but all is not what it seems. One is in love with the girl and the other is in love with a spirit that is trapped in her body.


Bhawra played by Rajkummar Rao and Kattanni played by Varun Sharma are from a small town where it is custom for any guy that wants to marry a girl to have her kidnapped. These two are given the task of kidnapping Roohi played by Jhanvi Kapoor for a guy who has hired them and wishes to marry her. After kidnapping her they find out they must now hide her for a while as there has been a death in the boy’s family and he cannot marry her yet.


Whilst they are here Bhawra falls in love with Roohi and tries very hard to coax the spirit that is within her body to come out, but Kattanni has fallen in love with that spirit called Afza and wants her to remain. The two of them then find out that the spirit is a Mudiyapuri which is a with backwards feet and she will not leave the body until the woman she has possessed gets married. The only way to get this spirit out of Roohi would be to trick the spirit Afza into marrying a man who is already married, this would make her a mistress and that would force her to leave the body.  


Bhawra decides to marry a dog in a village so that he can then marry Roohi but the villagers get angry with him for bringing a witch into their village. Will Bhawra and Kattanni be able to save Roohi and get rid of Afza?


Roohi has a good share of laughs within it aswell as the horror of a ghost story. This brings forth the comedy horror genre which Bollywood steered away from for a long time. Overall the film packs a punch and you will enjoy the humour in it. Jhanvi Kapoor has really come into herself and her acting skills really show through the film.

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