When a life long secret is revealed it causes drama

Wednesday 28th October 2020 06:12 EDT

Genre: Revenge Drama

Duration: 6 episodes

The story is of two childhood best friends come together to celebrate but a past secret causes mayhem. Rohan, played by Jim Sarbh and Sunny, played by Pulkit Sharma are childhood best friends. Rohan’s younger brother is getting married in the countryside in the UK and Sunny is invited and decides to attend. Rohan and Sunny decide to use this as an opportunity to party and catch up and totally let loose, in this weeklong affair.

Not far away in the town of Southall a violent criminal family live and consists of Kuljinder and his two brothers Pali and Jassi. Pali wants to quit the family business and has a plan to run away with Jahaan, who is also Kuljinder’s wife and they have been having an affair behind his back.

Both of these seemingly different lives collide when Kuljinder attends Krish’s wedding and a past secret is revealed that connect Rohan and Kuljinder. This starts a chain reaction of violence and incidents that changes all of their lives drastically.

The film is classed as a revenge drama which from the start sets an imagine in your mind that it is to do with getting retaliation for a past secret. Something that is important to note with this film is that although it has a large cast, all the actors are very passionate about the film and this is seen within the film. Each actor plays their role really well and it is very relatable as we have all been to a wedding where some sort of drama has taken place.

'Taish' is not like some of the other films we talk about in this column as it is a lot darker with all the violence and human emotions involved. But it is a great film to watch as it is a step away from all the lovey dovey films. Saying that where there is wedding there is always some fun to watch and 'Taish' is no exception.

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