When a lazy man realises he has to work to win his love and the respect of others

Wednesday 02nd December 2020 08:51 EST

Genre: Sports Comedy Drama

Duration: 136 minutes

Montu is a PTI teacher at a school and he is very lazy. One day a new PTI teacher is appointed and Montu realises he now has to work harder then ever to impress the girl of his dreams.

Montu’s father is a lawyer and manages to get him the job as a psychical training instructor teacher at a school in Haryana. Montu is content with his life and is very lazy, one day a new teacher Neelu arrives and she is beautiful. Montu falls in love with her and things are going well until the laws change and the school must hire a PTI that has a qualification. They do so and along comes Inder Mohan Singh, Montu must now work under him as an assistant.

Montu is not happy as Inder is a much better teacher then him and Neelu starts spending time with Inder. Montu’s brother Babloo goes to the school and he isn’t paying attention so Inder pins him to the ground as punishment. This irks Montu and so he decides to quit.

Montu actually needs the job and so he is forced to go back and challenge Inder. They decide to have a three-game challenge where each one will train their team towards a contest. Trying to be the bigger man and show off to Neelu, Montu allows Inder to choose his team first but obviously this backfries as Montu is left with a load of misfits.

Neelu encourages Montu to choose a few girls in his team and then she starts helping him train his team up. They use different methods to train such as making them run away from guard dogs and this would help them build their running skills and other common everyday methods like catching chickens.

The day of the challenge arrives and the three games they must play are Basketball, 400m relay and kabaddi. Will Montu’s team win and will he win back Neelu’s heart or will Inder come out top as always?

Chhalaang is a hilarious film showing the feat of a man who gets everything without having to work but finally is challenged. Rajkummar Rao is hilarious as Montu and will keep you laughing throughout the film. Check out Chhalaang now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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