Vijay Varma: “Mirzapur fandom unmatched, critics' opinions not a concern”

Wednesday 10th July 2024 08:16 EDT

As Mirzapur season 3 premieres, fans await Vijay Varma's role after his impactful portrayal of twin brothers in the second season. Reflecting on the series' popularity, Vijay Varma shared with PTI how the show's extensive fan base has brought immense love and recognition to its actors. He recalled his excitement at landing the dual roles and expressed gratitude for the show's widespread appeal, saying, "It's unparalleled. Mirzapur has reached audiences who may not have watched other shows, which is incredibly rewarding."

The 38-year-old actor reflected, "Then I saw the fandom erupt and I was like, 'Have we actually become this country that has fandom for shows? It's a one-of-its-kind series, I think Sacred Games and Mirzapur are the pioneers... So, when I was asked to do the second season, I was more than glad."

When asked about his approach to scripts, Varma said he first checks if his character survives till the end. He praised director Gurmeet Singh for maintaining continuity in the show's universe through consistent details like lighting, set design, props, and costumes. "Wearing the same outfit and accessories helps me slip back into character easily. The challenge lies in cracking the emotional arc for each season," he added.

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