Tiger Shroff returns with Baaghi 3

Vallisa Chauhan Tuesday 10th March 2020 15:55 EDT

Duration: 143 minutes

Genre: Action Thriller

Brothers have a strong bond, but the bond of Vikram and Ronnie goes back to their childhood where Ronnie would always come to Vikram’s rescue. The question is will Ronnie be able to save Vikram when he is kidnapped in Syria? 

The spiritual sequel to the Baaghi franchise features Tiger Shroff in the lead role once again and Shraddha Kapoor is back to play the lead opposite him. 

Cop Vikram is sent for work in Syria on what his sister in law stated "it’ll be like a paid holiday". But he is abducted as soon as he lands by a ISIS like gang and his brother Ronnie back in India makes it his mission to  "wipe your nation off the goddamn map". 

Here is the first problem with the film: How is one man going to go up against a worn torn nation, there is no realism in this at all. 

In the first part of the film we can see Ronnie with his muscles swoon in to save his sibling, the brothers even give a cop the chance for revenge by allowing him to shoot the man who killed his daughter in broad daylight. Kapoor looks beautiful in the film and brings some much needed comedy in the first part however as her role is not crucial she sort of vanishes into the background.

The rest of the film that supposedly is based in Syria, but has nothing that really shows you that, is substantial and still very unrealistic, to the point where you are hoping the action scenes may just keep you entertained and awake.

We have seen that realistically what Shroff needs to hold himself up is a side kick much like in the film War where Hrithik Roshan helped him save the film. In Baaghi 3 he seems to be able to tear apart anything in his way including, men, helicopters, cars, tanks anything he can get his hands on but this still does not help him protect the film.

The problem with Ritesh Deshmukh’s character, he seems to have a handicap which is not explained and constantly needs his brother to protect him, yet he was able to become a police officer. This again makes you question the realism of the film. 

Disha Patani however does look stunning in her item number but the song itself was pretty average.

On the whole Baaghi 3 is a pointless movie that is mercilessly short of realism, a rebel beyond logic and quite a distastefully lame movie even for two and a half hours of entertainment or Bollywood drama. 

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