The plight of a suitcase

Wednesday 05th August 2020 05:54 EDT

Genre: Indian Black Comedy

Duration: 132 minutes

Nandan is a simple man that finds a suitcase full of cash that he decides to keep but doesn’t realise the implications this comes with.

Minister Patil is sending a parcel with 10 boxes of mithai and a file to another minister but on its way it is intercepted by some goons of the gangster Bala as it is learned that the boxes actually contain cash. The boxes have been put it into the red suitcase which Bala’s men hide under some nearby boxes when they hear the police hoping to come back later for it.

Nandan lives with his wife Lata and son Auyush. He is a simple man on his way home from work one day he sees the suitcase and opens it to find the cash. He takes it home and goes to hide it in his neighbour’s house as his neighbour is away. Nandan has not told his wife about the suitcase and when she questions him he lies and says he was sneaking out to have a smoke and seduces her instead.

Bala’s men realise the suitcase has been stolen and inform Bala and Patil’s men do the same. Patil comes to realise that the film has also gone missing and when Bala overhears this he sends him men to go and find the suitcase. Patil manages to blackmail a cop into working for him to find the case.

Nandan has been living like a king recently and has been buying gifts for his family and taking them out. Nandan finds out his wife has asked the cleaner to clean his neighbours house and so he rushes over and decides to split the money separately to hide it.

As the police are now involved they manage to get one of the CCTV cameras working and see Nandan getting into a rickshaw. They manage to find the rickshaw driver but it comes to a halt when he cannot remember what Nandan looks like.

Will Nandan get tracked down by Bala and Patil’s men or will he be free to spend the money he found?

Lootcase is a funny film that will keep you entertained whilst at home. As the cinemas have still not opened for release, the film is being streamed on Disney Hotstar.

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