The Girl on the Train

Wednesday 03rd March 2021 06:22 EST

Genre: Mystery Thriller Film

Duration: 120 minutes

Streaming On: Netflix


This is Bollywood’s take on the classic film The Girl on the Train that released in 2016 based on the book with the same name. Where the lead character passes a house everyday on the train where she encounters a couple that seem like they have the perfect life until one day she believes she sees the woman having an affair and this leads to a whole new situation in itself.


Parineeti Chopra plays the role of Mira, a lawyer who has the perfect life with her husband, although he insists she gives up taking on some of the cases she carries on doing what she sees as her job and helps put away a Punjabi man. This is until one day when Mira and her husband are involved in a car accident where she loses her baby. This is when her life spirals out of control.


Mira suffers from Amnesia and has a severe drinking problem where she drinks until she is unconscious as it’s the only way she can sleep. She is now divorced from her husband who was having an affair post the accident and felt embarrassed by Mira’s drinking problem and on her daily commute she focuses her attention to a couple, Nusrat and Anand, that seem to have the perfect life she once had.


Nusrat then goes missing and Mira is spotted nearby therefore sparking a conclusion that she has killed her. A police officer finds evidence to frame Mira and later we find out the reason why. Will lawyer Mira be able to find out the truth and clear her name?


If you love crime and thriller films then this is the film for you. It will keep you baffled as to how and why Mira becomes the main suspect and what the truth really is.


Although the base of the story is similar to the 2016 film the conclusion of the film is very different. The 2016 Hollywood version concludes with Rachel’s husband Tom being the killer and Rachel killing Tom but, in this version, it is very different.


Join the most talked about film coming out of Bollywood this March by watching The Girl on the Train. 

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