The Big Day

Thursday 25th February 2021 04:19 EST

Genre: Reality TV


Duration: 3 Episodes


Streaming on: Netflix


We follow the lives of 6 engaged couples as they prepare for their big day with more detail then you have ever seen before.


The Indian wedding industry is a multi-billion-pound industry where things have really changed. Women are becoming more engaged in the type of ceremonies they want and how they wish to conduct the biggest day of their lives. Gone are the days of small weddings with no creativity and here we are given an insight into the larger more dramatic style weddings that take place in India these days.


In the first episode we meet Aman and Divya who have been together for 12 years and San Francisco based Nikhita and Mukund.


Aman and Divya’s wedding is taking place at the Alila Fort in Bishangarh. They have decided to take in many elements of the local area within their wedding planning and keep the wedding sustainable and reduce the carbon footprint.


Nikhita and Mukund’s wedding is very different, they have flown into Chennai, as they wanted to celebrate their biggest day together where Nikhita’s grandparents lived and hopefully within this feel some presence of her late grandfather. Their wedding is more fairy-tale like with extravagant events.


In episode 2 we meet Nitin and Ami and Pallavi and Rajat. Pallavi is the type of girl who believes men and women should be treated the same and she is totally against the traditional kanyadaan as she does not believe woman are a possession that is passed from family to family.


Ami is very headstrong and controlling compared to groom Nitin but is pleasantly surprised when he proposes, something she has been waiting for, for a very long time.


In the third and concluding episode it comes with a bang that will keep you wanting more. We meet Aditya and Gayeti who are taking on a inter-religion marriage and breaking stereotypes and then the biggest surprise of all a Goa based gay couple Tyrone and Daniel. These are very different to the weddings we see in the first 2 episodes as the ceremonies are more private.


With weddings currently cancelled in the UK, this is a fun way to enjoy the spectacle of a wedding without leaving your sofa. 

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