Rewind 20-years back to Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge

Vallisa Chauhan Monday 30th March 2020 07:55 EDT

Genre: Romantic comedy

Duration: 151 minutes

Sapna has been bought up by her three very different uncle’s and although they all wish for her to get married they cannot agree on the type of guy she should marry. She meets Raja, and they fall in love, now they just need to convince her uncles to approve of him. 

Played by Karisma Kapoor Sapna has been bought up by her three uniquely different uncles- Prabhu Nath (Paresh Rawal), Vicky Nath (Anupam Kher) and Bhola Nath (Om Puri). Prabhu is very religious and feels Sapna should marry someone who is overtly religious as well. Vicky on the contrary is into Western music and fashion and is probably the most fun out of the three uncles. Whereas Bhola Nath is a former wrestler and a stern uncle who is into working out and makes Sapna work out with him daily. 

Sapna finds out about a group trip to Europe which she really wants to go on and talks to her nanny Mary about it. But Mary is sacked by her uncles for encouraging such thoughts in Sapna’s mind. Mary actually works for another family who have a son called Raja (Salman Khan) who sees a picture of Sapna and likes her. 

A little rebellious Sapna decides to sneak out and go away on the trip anyway. But she is caught by Vicky Uncle, who decides to drop her to the airport. Whilst her uncles go mad trying to find out where their niece is, Sapna is having fun on her trip but no thanks to Raja who is making her life a living hell. 

Sapna and Raja get separated from the group and whilst mad at Raja, she finds herself in trouble where Raja saves her life and the two fall in love. The only problem they face now is convincing her uncles that Raja is the perfect man for Sapna. 

The film is a fun loving quirky take on young adults in India, both Raja and Sapna are highly strung and believe they are right all the time and the dynamic between Kapoor and Khan on screen is awesome. The songs are great and if you remember the words from 20 years ago then it could become a sing along for all the family. 

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