Reminiscing back to the days of 3 best friends

Genre: Romantic Drama

Wednesday 10th June 2020 07:06 EDT

Lights, Cmera and Reaction

Duration: 149 minutes

We are all missing our friends at the moment and need a good pick me up film so why not watch the story of these three best friends unfold in your own home cinema.

Pooja, Raj and Tina are three childhood best friends. Raj’s family is shifting to London and Raj makes Tina promise she will write to him. Tina is a feisty little character and doesn’t care for Raj’s silly emails. Pooja however, has always been fond of Raj and so she decides to write back pretending to be Tina.

As years pass Raj and Pooja’s friendship blossoms however, Raj is now returning to India. Pooja tells Tina she has been writing to Raj but using her name and although at first Tina doesn’t want to play along she agrees. Raj arrives and is immediately attracted to Tina and does not recognise this love for Pooja. Over the two weeks Raj notices that Tina is very different to the person in the letters and Pooja and Raj become good friends as they have so much in common.

Raj returns to London and Pooja follows sweet as she has an interview for a university there. Raj decides he must show her around and he takes her to a church that he visits each Sunday. It is here that Pooja accidently hums a tune that Raj had told her about. Raj realises that Tina did not know this tune and it was Pooja that had been writing to him all this time.

They decide they love each other and must tell everyone before it is too late. When they return to India they find out that Tina’s father has passed away leaving Tina all alone. Knowing that Tina loves Raj, Pooja decides she will not let her best friend feel any more grief and tells Raj he must marry Tina. Raj says he will only do so when Pooja agrees to marry someone else.

When the family arrive in London to get Raj and Tina married, Pooja is introduced to Raj’s friend Rohan and Pooja after some time agrees she will marry Rohan.

The question now remains will Pooja watch the love of her life marry her best friend and will she marry another man for the sake of her friendship? Re-live the magic of Mujhse Dosti Karoge on Amazon Prime.

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