Put on your dancing shoes for Street Dancer 3D

Vallisa Chauhan Friday 31st January 2020 10:16 EST

Genre: Dance Film

Duration: 146 minutes 

Street dancer 3D revolves around two opposing dance teams. One of them is from India which is led by Suhej played by Varun Dhawan. Whilst the other is from neighbouring Pakistan hailed by Inayat played by Shraddha Kapoor. The film is set in London with the premise of a huge global dance competition. 

Suhej and his brother Inder are part of a group called Street Dancers. Inder was part of a competition called Ground Zero two years ago but towards the end of the competition he was injured. Suhej travels to India and comes back with some money to open a dance studio but the only problem is that there is another dance team in town called the Rule Breakers. 

As ardent supporters of cricket, these two teams always come head to head when they meet to watch cricket at Prabha Ana’s restaurant. It is at this restaurant that Inayat notices some men coming through the back door. She later confronts Prabha, who explains they are illegal Indian immigrants who he helps by giving them left over food. Inayat is moved by this and decides that if her team win the Ground Zero competition then she would put their winnings towards helping these immigrants return to their country. The two teams soon realise that although from different countries they are of the same elk and this becomes an interesting part of the film. 

Dhawan is the perfect actor for the job and looks absolutely gorgeous. We have seen in previous dance films Shraddha Kapoor compliments him flawlessly and she will blow your mind with her look, style and dance moves. The dance sequences in film are completely on point as they should be with Remo D’Souza and Prabhu Deva involved and Dhawan and Kapoor executing the moves on screen. You will notice that a lot of the songs in the film are remix/re-fixes which work really well to praise the premise of the huge dance competition.

Dhawan/Kapoor fans may be disappointed that there was no romance between the two but this can be forgiven due to the film being all about dance. Whilst most dance films end with the leads falling in love, the climax of this movie makes for a refreshing end. The actual storyline had some flaws and can become a little jarring but if you love dancing and music then you can overlook this and really enjoy the film.

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