Wednesday 31st March 2021 07:29 EDT

Genre: Dark Comedy Drama

Duration: 115 minutes

Streaming On: Netflix

 Sandhya finds herself widowed very newly into her marriage to Astik. She has a very different reaction to what the norm would be and for this she is scrutinised.

 The film starts with Sandhya (Sanya Malhotra) in a small town alone in her room post the death of her husband. There are grieving relative everywhere and she is seen looking through social media posts of condolences for her husband, but it doesn’t seem to be bother her much. She is asked if she would like some tea and her answer to that is, she would prefer some cola.

 Everyone seems very confused about her attitude towards losing her husband and there are some that believe she may have PTSD. As the rituals commence Sandhya manages to steal some time away with her friend Nazia for some gol guppa and soon after we realise that the reason Sandhya has a non-chalet way of dealing with her lose is because her and Astik were not actually that close. Though by name she was his wife, he was still harbouring feelings for his ex.

 The story fights all the social norms that should come when one loses a loved one and follows this young girl as she discovers herself and how to deal with the family she is left with. The issues also arise when the family realise that Astik has left a large sum of money to Sandhya through insurance but nothing for his parents who are surge with debt.

 Due to the family dynamics the film has quite a large cast however I feel they were not all used to their strength. There were too many cast members and their stories were not explored as much as they could have been. However, Sanya plays her role very well and is a breath of fresh air to watch on screen and the script touches on a subject that is often looked over which is great. 

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